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FIFA 15 in the test: Frustrating Realism

FIFA 15 in the test: Frustrating Realism

A new year, a new FIFA:

The football simulation EA wants to be prettier and more realistic, but the gameplay deteriorated thereby.
Christmas, Easter, summer holidays, FIFA Release: Some things remain the same every year. This year brings a new edition of his Electronic Arts football simulation FIFA to market, the total 22 version. Since the first FIFA a lot has changed, but in recent years EA has been accused of stagnation. The biggest progress was the Full HD mode at 60 fps on next-gen consoles, but remained playfully much the same.

Pretty thanks more dirt
FIFA 14 was one of the few "highlights" for the start of the next-gen consoles, especially from a visual standpoint. A smooth frame rate of 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution, the player knew consoles not yet. With the FIFA 15 continues EA has however filed mainly on the appearance of the player models. The animations are now much smoother and closer to reality. The falls on especially when sprinting in duels. The player models have been revised, according to EA's faces have been scanned from 1,000 other players. This mainly concerns but players from the major leagues, in Austria even stars like Kevin Kampl are difficult to see.
Headscan FIFA 15
A scan of the Chelsea player Juan Mata - Photo: Electronic Arts
Graphically the game is beyond almost any doubt, it was on the PlayStation 4 without any stuttering. Also bizarre twists of the joints or clipping errors occurred significantly less frequently. Reported Bugs of the PC version (which should Rumor also be a copy) how beispíelsweise the camera man in the game, did not occur in the console version. However, the graphical improvements in FIFA 15 are more fine-tuning rather than a revolution. At first glance, you will not notice any real difference to its predecessor. But the new details are nice and wear well with the atmosphere. So even dirt tracks remain on the shirts of the players after tackles back now.
The wear should also make themselves noticeable on the lawn. HAckswikI just create a trick for this fifa Each opponent, kick or challenge leaves its mark on the green, so it looks like a patchwork in the end. EA has however filed since the preview version vigorously on effect, the wear is now really close to reality, but in a television broadcast which is usually not noticeable. Therefore, the effect often seems excessive and contributes little to the atmosphere. The only exception is the "Be a Pro" mode, in which only one player from the third-person perspective, you control and is so much closer to the action on it. The wear of the lawn also has no influence on the game. So the ball is not about suddenly or rolls more slowly because of a hole in the lawn.
Photo: Electronic
A popular criticism at football simulations were always sterile Pappkameraden that were only very roughly animated. This has been improved in the predecessors of FIFA, in FIFA 15 now comes but for the first time live in the stadium. The audience no longer act like a generic pabulum that repeats every third row. For some teams, there is even a fan choreography in advance of the game. So the crowd at Anfield "You'll never walk alone" sings before a game, keeping the scarf in the air. Manchester City fans again celebrate a goal with the "Poznan", where viewers shoulder to shoulder, with his back to the pitch, bounce. Such animations are rare, only a handful of teams, the majority of them from England, were considered so.

Focus on England

But also at the presentation, some flaw can be discovered. So directed EA undoubtedly focus on the English league, for a similar good presentation or level of detail can not be achieved by teams and play in other leagues. The English-language commentators are much better and have more to say. Although the German commentators Frank "Buschi" Buschmann and Manfred Breuckmann leave now and then sit up with new anecdotes and comments on the current World Cup, FIFA veterans will know but 95 percent of the statements from the last three FIFA generations. Also recorded in Germany chants are anything but flattering. It is fair to discuss the differences between the German and English culture for chants, but the south curve of Bayern has more to offer than "Allez Allez".

While emotions are well conveyed in the classic game modes through the TV-like presentation, ekes out the "Be a Pro" mode by a pretty boring presentation a shadowy existence. The appeal to build its own player goes, quickly lost because, unlike in the manager mode does not really make you feel involved in the day's events. One gets repeatedly statistics dished, particularly helpful or motivating that is not, however. EA should here bring in a little more drama, similar to the previous title "UEFA Champions League 2006-2007," in which there was scripted Seasons.
Faster, but more difficult
The pace has been screwed into FIFA 15 by two steps upwards, passes into the depths are now a deadly weapon. Gone are the times when the striker needed a lot of space to a whirlwind alone goal can counter strong teams have a clear advantage here.